Keeping a Travel Journal

Memory Keeping.png

If you are anything like me, when you travel you want to remember EVERYTHING. Taking pictures don’t really “tell” the story of your adventures the way a journal can. Some of my friends will send themselves postcards as keep sakes or to get something fun in the mail. I enjoy that idea but when it comes to my journal I do a little more.  Continue reading “Keeping a Travel Journal”


Top Five Holiday Movies..

top 5.png

This is my favorite time of year. The weather outside is so cold you can see your breath and there may be the hint of snow lingering in the air. This is is the perfect “let’s get cozy weather.” And I take full advantage.

First by lighting a fire and then by popping in the DVD player my favorite movie. Of course if I am really being lazy I will watch these on TV. (suffering through commercials making certain movies, like Harry Potter, nine hours long!) Continue reading “Top Five Holiday Movies..”

The Elusive Nuremberg, Germany

Ethe Elusive Nurmberg

My favorite trip of all time would have to be Europe, Germany to be more specific. Though I would not feel right if I did not mention that France was my favorite country. My family and I pushed through the ten hour flight to Frankfurt to spend the most amazing Christmas in the Fatherland.

Groggy and jet lagged we instantly took in the German air and smiled so big we could have brought the sun out.(Which did come out for an instant,  coincidental brought out lake goers despite the 40 degree temp! Continue reading “The Elusive Nuremberg, Germany”

Four favorite Jackets for Winter

Four Favorite Coatsfor Winter.png

This time of year is my favorite, even if it is dark and gloomy and not much to do outdoors. I love being out in the rain or the snow. I love the biting cold pinching at my cheeks, and my breath clouding in front of me.

I also love wearing really warm coats! So, if you are in need of a warm coat here are a few ideas for you. (Note, I am not being paid to tell you about these coats, these are just some of my favorites! Currently, I’m in the market for a really good parka so like you I’m looking too!) Continue reading “Four favorite Jackets for Winter”

My Trip to Saint Helens, Oregon (That turned into a “Twilight” Tour)

My trip to Saint Helens.png

Right before Halloween,  my family and I decided to check out Halloween town in Saint Helens, Oregon. Now, it really isn’t called Halloween town. It is just the location for the movie, and several others like “Twilight”. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to go there simply because I heard that it was just so pretty. I did not intend for this trip to be a “Twilight” Tour!

That is just the way it happened!

At first I assumed the majority of the film had been filmed in Washington. That was until  I was educated by my husband. Originally, I thought Bella Swan’s house was the only film location in Saint Helen. Then the husband got a pamphlet from City Hall that shows you all the sights and wonders to look at during Halloween. Of course there are also online too. Just a quick google search and there you go. Continue reading “My Trip to Saint Helens, Oregon (That turned into a “Twilight” Tour)”

Deciding to Move to Another Country

Deciding to Move to.png

When you are little you think about all the adventures you are going to go on as an adult. You think about it so much that you stop wanting to be a child and wish you were a grown up so you can start your adventures now.

However, life doesn’t always work out the way we like it to. Things distract us, and sadly we are always at the mercy of a fluctuating economy.

One day you decide that you are going to take an adventure. You’re ducks are in a row, you stopped worrying about the world economy and have worked solely on your personal economy. Money has been saved, education in tack along with whatever else that pertains to your life. So you decide to take the leap. Continue reading “Deciding to Move to Another Country”