Taking a break!

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Hey guys!

You may not be aware of this but I am in the middle of getting my bachelor’s degree, which is why I’ve been seriously flaking on the blog!

Currently, I am studying my butt off for a state test. (All of you please do a lucky dance, or feed me positive energy to help me pass! pretty please!)

Anyway, until about July 3rd I will be taking sometime to focus on just that, and the other several tests I need to study for. UGH!

In the mean time feel free to leave me wonderful PM’s or emails or comments letting me know your progress or questions. I’ll try to respond as soon as I can!


PS. I am heading to San Francisco next month for something special to me, and you bet your bottom dollar I’ll share my journey with you!

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Emotions are Tender…Weak..and frightening



Emotions are Tender...Weak..and frightening.png
I can not tell you how horrible it feels to be in the middle of a tragedy such as a terrorist attack. I can only give you insight on how it feels when someone you know and love is surrounded by the uncontrolled events.

I have a friend, who is currently in London, and will remain there for awhile. When I first heard about the attack on London Bridge I instantly thought of her and her family. Though, part of me was stern that she was nowhere near the bridge. I still needed to hear her voice. 

Regardless, of my common sense I still had to be sure. Continue reading

Visualize Yourself to Greatness!


This week is going to be pretty busy for me as I prepare for a huge exam that I have on Friday.

Essentially this test is based on NOTHING I have learned thus far in my program. It is more about the things I have learned through out my life, and that makes me nervous as all get out.

I have done what I needed to do, I think, to get me ready for this big exam. So how do I calm my nerves?  Continue reading

Celebrating Mom


Join us as we welcome into the family (1).png

Welcome to May.

This month we are not only full blown into Spring but we are celebrating the woman in our lives who brought us into this world. Whether you are a mom or you are just a daughter this is a time to really make yourself and your mom feel special. Regardless, if you actually gave birth to something.

If you are a business woman, you gave birth to your business, so you should be celebrated!

Continue reading

Get rid of Self Imposed Pressure

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Pressure can come from many sources. Society is one, your friends another. But what about yourself? The worst pressure comes from how you view yourself. Or where you think you should be in your life.

The worst part is, if you are anything like me, you are constantly comparing your life to those around you. For instance you have a friend the exact age as you, graduated from high school with you, married at the same time as you but there are minor differences.

Perhaps they own a house and you don’t. Perhaps they are constantly taking vacations and you don’t. So you start to wonder what you did wrong. Where did you take the wrong turn? Continue reading