My Top Five things to do on your Anniversary


It is that time of the year, again! My anniversary is coming! I can not believe that it has been over 14 years since I married my husband! It still feels as though we just got married.


With being married for so long how do you keep your anniversary fresh, especially when you are on a budget? The trick is to budge your anniversary into your budget, and if that is not possible then you do something that will make that person feel special. For instance if you can’t buy something for your partner then you should make them their favorite meal, or give them coupons so they can choose what they want to do. Like play games, watch their favorite movies. Use your imagination. (Since, my husband thinks I watch horrible movies, that coupon was really special for me.) Continue reading “My Top Five things to do on your Anniversary”


Why Professional Dress Should Make a Comeback

farmto table.png

Have you ever read the book “Who moved My Cheese?” Neither have I.  However, I do know someone who has read it, and they talked about it to me. Essentially, it is a self help book to make you feel more empowered. The main message she got was you dress how you want to be perceived. ( and that is one aspect to the book NOT THE ENTIRE SUBJECT)Makes sense. Continue reading “Why Professional Dress Should Make a Comeback”

My Five Favorite Halloween Films

My Five Favorite Halloween Films.png

October is the month where we not only get knee deep into autumn but we also enjoy getting the living daylights scared out of us. Which is why this time of year you will see horror movies hitting the theater. Currently, I think there is “It” (which I will never watch, again), and “UnFriended.”

As great as I am sure those are they do not hold a candle to the movies that I grew up with or learned to love through the years.

So get cozy on the couch, get some popcorn, some M&M’s, soda, or whatever you enjoy and get ready to be scared!

Continue reading “My Five Favorite Halloween Films”

4 Ways to Creating a Successful Blog

4 ways to creating a successful blog

Creating a blog is fun, and it is hard work. Sometimes you get in the middle of writing something and you feel it’s stupid or you wonder if anyone will read this. I often think “Who is going to care about my blog?”

So, if you are anything like me, you do research on how to create a successful blog.

You wanna know what I found? Well, keep reading.  Continue reading “4 Ways to Creating a Successful Blog”

Favorite Things about Autumn


Every year as the weather gets cooler, or if you’re here in the Pacific Northwest it just gets cold. (Instantly, and I love it). There are not only obvious changes happening around you, there are also subtle changes. Yes, the trees change colors and it is beautiful. But also, pumpkin spice comes back to Starbucks and everything else from creamers to breakfast muffin mixes. The smell of cinnamon and cloves permeate the air around Michael’s and Joanna’s fabrics. It is such a warm and lovely scent that we find ourselves at our favorite stores buying candles that smell like a fresh baked pumpkin pie, something cinnamon or vanilla. Continue reading “Favorite Things about Autumn”

Moving in Stages


As I enter a new chapter in my life, I am also faced with a particular challenge. As many of you already know, moving is a pain in the rear end. While you pack somethings, and try to forget why you bought them, you also start to go through what you should keep and what you shouldn’t keep.

I am moving halfway around the world so figuring out what I’m going to keep is a more of a chore and a necessity then I realized. The thing that motivates me to purge is the fact that I am going to pay by weight to move my stuff. Continue reading “Moving in Stages”