My low carb Buffalo Chicken

Low carb Buffalo Chicken

Hello guys! Today I am sharing with you a recipe that I altered from another recipe to fit my eating habits. I am not super into low carb, but it is helping me lose my baby weight. So, if you want to give this a try by all means. (and if you want to try this with bread as a sandwich-which I recommend- I suggest a French roll.)  Continue reading “My low carb Buffalo Chicken”


Why Write an Open Letter

why write an open letter.png

Forgiveness isn’t easy to give, just like forgetting never happens when you experience something traumatic. Furthermore, saying goodbye is never easy, especially when there are hurtful feelings that still needs to be mended.

So, how do you get past it all, considering you don’t have the opportunity to talk to that person, or perhaps event? The best thing you can do is write an open letter. Keep it, hold on to it or burn it. (Symbolically letting go.) Continue reading “Why Write an Open Letter”

Harness your Mental Health

Mental Health should be your priority.png

There are moments in our lives that we either cherish or we wish we could forget. One of the biggest struggles some of us face is forgetting. Why is it that somethings can be forgotten while others remain relevant? Even if that memory happened long ago. Could it be that when the memory was made we didn’t have the tools to process it? Or could it be just something that just happens depending on the person? Continue reading “Harness your Mental Health”

Why I Workout for Me

Why I.png

One of the greatest things I’ve ever read about working out and your body was in a cookbook called “The Kind Diet”, by Alicia Silverstone. In it, and I’m paraphrasing, it says that you should be kind to your body. There is no need for a vigorous workout.

While I somewhat agree with that, I believe it really depends on the “look” you are going for. Obviously, if you have slow metabolism yoga isn’t going to give you a body like Gisele Bündchen. I am a firm believe that workouts are like boyfriends, you have to find the one that fits you. Continue reading “Why I Workout for Me”

Break ups Hurt, EVERYONE


Take a moment of silence and pray.pngIn the wake of Robert Kardashian having it out on social media about his break up with Blac Chyna, I started thinking about how we handle break ups. In all honestly, Kardashain isn’t doing anything the rest of us wouldn’t do or consider. The problem here is that he is not only getting her where it hurts, he is also hurting his daughter. Right now she maybe too young to understand anything but one day she’ll see this.  Continue reading “Break ups Hurt, EVERYONE”

Taking a break!

Taking a break.png

Hey guys!

You may not be aware of this but I am in the middle of getting my bachelor’s degree, which is why I’ve been seriously flaking on the blog!

Currently, I am studying my butt off for a state test. (All of you please do a lucky dance, or feed me positive energy to help me pass! pretty please!)

Anyway, until about July 3rd I will be taking sometime to focus on just that, and the other several tests I need to study for. UGH!

In the mean time feel free to leave me wonderful PM’s or emails or comments letting me know your progress or questions. I’ll try to respond as soon as I can!


PS. I am heading to San Francisco next month for something special to me, and you bet your bottom dollar I’ll share my journey with you!

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