Get rid of Self Imposed Pressure

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Pressure can come from many sources. Society is one, your friends another. But what about yourself? The worst pressure comes from how you view yourself. Or where you think you should be in your life.

The worst part is, if you are anything like me, you are constantly comparing your life to those around you. For instance you have a friend the exact age as you, graduated from high school with you, married at the same time as you but there are minor differences.

Perhaps they own a house and you don’t. Perhaps they are constantly taking vacations and you don’t. So you start to wonder what you did wrong. Where did you take the wrong turn? Continue reading “Get rid of Self Imposed Pressure”

En Marche! On the Move

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Through out our lives we are told that grieving has about five steps. Those stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Each step is on their own timelines, there isn’t a set schedule or a goal that you meet before you can move on. You just do.
The same stages can be used to describe personal circumstances thanks to our leaders. As I am sitting waiting and watching to see how the French Elections turn out, I am hearing a lot of what the French people are saying. And it mirrors a lot of what we said here in America.

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Can Depression be Cured by Love?

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*Note I am not a doctor! my ideas and opinions are just that and if you choose to follow them please make sure that you advise someone! 

If you have been to my other site then you know I suffer from depression.

If you haven’t well now you know.

For me, depression is hard to describe. I personally do not feel as though I am loveable, or that I deserve it. I constantly feel as though there is something wrong with me that makes me that way and if someone does love me then either they really do or perhaps there is something wrong with them. Demented I know. Continue reading “Can Depression be Cured by Love?”

Universal Income? Maybe.

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Did you know in Finland there is a system called Universal income? What is it you ask?

Well, in a nutshell, it is a supplementary income that the government gives you regardless of your employment status. It also helps to either take the place of unemployment benefits or enhance them.  The question is, is universal income a good thing?

The question is, is universal income a good thing? Continue reading “Universal Income? Maybe.”

Joanna Gains is my Spirit Guide

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In a society that is focused so hard on staying young it starts to become exhausting trying to figure out where you fit in.

I am not a person to wear super tight clothing showing off my goods in a desperate attempt at attention. Nor am I bold enough to wear neon lipstick, but hey each his own right?

In the middle of the seven circles of hell there is a bit of hope and that is Joanna Gains. Continue reading “Joanna Gains is my Spirit Guide”